BotoServerError - 400 Bad Request - Rate Exceeded

This is for anyone out there using python-boto with Amazon CloudSearch, who is getting a throttle limit and googling around for an answer. You’re probably getting an error like this:

<ErrorResponse xmlns=“”>
    <Message>Rate exceeded</Message>
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Creating a custom user model in Django 1.5 that plays nicely with Django admin

Extending Django’s built in user model used to be a tricky affair in Django 1.4 and below. The classic approach was to store additional information in a separate UserProfile model, but you were still stuck with Django’s built in fields. Don’t need the first_name field? Can’t do that. Want to use email address as your username? Also, not possible. Want to enforce unique=True on a value defined otherwise in the Django User model? You’ll need to resort to some hackery using signals.

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